The story behind Beurskens GmbH

“The partner for specialist companies in metal, glass and timber construction!”


In 1999, Gerardus Beurskens founded the Beurskens company in Straelen on the Lower Rhine. With over 19 years of professional experience in the production and distribution of special stainless steel and steel construction parts for the metal industry behind him, the initial focus was on the trade and distribution of stamped and turned parts for craftsmen in the steel and metal construction sectors.


Due to the high quality of the products and the immediate availability, the company was quickly successful and soon expanded the range to other sectors such as glass and wood construction. In order to meet the constantly increasing demand, a move to a larger industrial estate was necessary after only 4 years.


The continuous expansion of the product range meant that the Beurskens company began to develop new products and innovative concepts to meet the increased quality demands. The original business model of trading and distribution was thus expanded to include the design and development of new products.


Beurskens even ventured into the development of completely new and safety-relevant components, such as glass clamps for fall-proof glazing in interior and exterior areas. The company received general building authority approval for these clamping systems from the DEUTSCHE INSTITUT FÜR BAUTECHNIK (DIBT) in Berlin.


The Beurskens company will continue to meet the challenges of the market in the future and strives to always be one step ahead. With motivated employees, state-of-the-art office equipment and a large stock, the company offers the best possible service at all times and is a competent partner for specialist companies in the fields of metal, glass and timber construction. The quality of the products and the satisfaction of the customers always come first.

The faces behind our success.

Mike Beurskens

CEO - Managing Director

Michael Kretz

Sales - Sales Manager

Marius Mono

Sales - Sales Manager

Simon Ungricht

Sales - Sales Manager

Jennifer Grüntjes

Head of Accounting - Head of Accounting

Linus Oertel

Lager -

Thomas Autrata

Lagerleiter -
Warehouse Manager

Jochen Borghs

Lager -

Theo Schaap

Lager -

Daniel Gonsior

Lager - Warehouse

Annika van Gerven

Assistentin der Geschäftsführung - Management Assistant

André Wiese

Leitung Einkauf und Technik - Head of Purchasing and Technology

Oskar Peters

Leitung E-Commerce -
Head of E-Commerce

Janine Sobek

Mediengestaltung -
Media Designer


Seelentröster -
Mental Health Coach

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