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Product news archive

Product News 2021
At this point, we would like to particularly emphasize our glass clamp holders model 40 and model 55 made of die-cast zinc, which are now also regulated by our AbZ / AbG. With these two models, we now also cover the area completely with our own products, which we can recommend to you without reservation.

We have completely newly developed a small angle adjustment plate with which glass holders can now also be easily aligned on existing threads in round tubes. You will find this small but very helpful product, including a picture and an explanation for better understanding, in our general catalogue.

In order to solve the well-known problems with the assembly of glass holders on the upper and lower chords, we have designed a rubber for the assembly. With this little helper, the pane is raised by 3 mm, the installation of the glazing is made much easier and it is placed in the middle between the upper and lower chord. This new product has also been included in our approval.

Please note the model change with the long pipe bends made of steel and stainless steel as well as the new galvanized gate bolts that replace the current items from the catalogue. You will find further information on all new items in the online shop.

Die-cast zinc clamp mounting

48 x 48 x 30 | for tube Ø 48,3

Article 44550
Die-cast zinc clamp fastening

45 x 63 x 31 | for tube Ø 42,4

Article 44470

Angle adjustment plate

for clamp holder 13,5 x 15 x 2

Article 40399

Steel end plug, arched

for tube Ø 42,4 x 2,5

Article 50515

V2A box lock, panic function

with panic function | Backset 60

Article 43248

Anti Seize ceramic paste

Assembly paste in the dispenser

Article 70511

V4A thread reducer

M12 outside | on M8 inside
Article 40664

Duplex locking pin

for clamp holder | Model 22 / 50
Article 42277

V2A weld-on strap

110 x 30 x 6 | Goods lasered
Article 43269

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