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New prices and price guarantee until 01/31/2022

The net prices printed in the complete catalogue from August 1st, 2021 are no longer up-to-date. Due to the sharp rise in costs in all areas, we were sadly forced to adjust our sales prices. As a result we have recently recalculated all items and abolished the previous surcharges.

Furthermore, we have decided to offer a price guarantee for all items that are immediately available from stock, so that you are better able to calculate costs. You will therefore receive our price list which is valid from October 1st, 2022, with the promise:

Price guarantee until 01/31/2023

No surcharge on all available products

Brief information about all new products that have not yet found their way into the catalogue can be found on the last page of the price list. Further details on these and all other products can be found at: www.beurskens.shop

Please also subscribe to our newsletter so that we can keep you up to date. Our goal is still to be a fair and reliable supplier for you.

CAD drawings available now

From now on you can get almost all of our products as 3D design files. You can request this data simply and easily on the start page in the web shop or at the bottom right of the page under more information: www.beurskens.shop

Product catalogue 2021 / price adjustment on April 15, 2022

Since the sales prices currently published by us were calculated under completely different conditions in the middle of 2021, we can unfortunately no longer maintain these conditions and have to adjust the inflation surcharge again. ( price surcharge (PS))

From April 15, 2022, new surcharges will therefore apply to all our net prices printed in the catalogue:
PS on all products 12% *
PS on all steel laser parts 85% (does not apply to stainless steel laser parts)
* Exceptions: on threaded rods p. 143 and steel door hinges p. 210 – 215 = 25%

Initially, it was primarily a question of the starting material prices. Steel laser parts made of sheet metal and threaded rods were particularly badly affected, and in some cases exploded in price. In the meantime, however, prices have risen massively in all areas.

Since it is currently not foreseeable when this situation will ease significantly again we have to raise these material price surcharges. On our website you will always find information about the current applicable surcharges for our products.

We will check these prices regularly – completely transparent for you - and hope that we can do without it again as soon as possible. In the webshop, however, you will always find the currently valid price including the current PS.

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