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Quality management

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Quality management

Every item is thoroughly checked before we add it to our supply so that we are able to guarantee a constant high quality of our whole range of products.
very product undergoes extensive tests and controls so that we may guarantee that the material and product quality, function and usability will meet our high demands.

We are paying special attention to minor details, even of products that are available on the market in similar fashion. Just these often inconspicious details of the parts may make the difference in processing.

We do not provide you with any goods that fail to meet our demands and, hence, could be recommended by us only within limits. 

We attach particular importance to the small details, even with products that are already being traded on the market in a similar form. It is precisely these often inconspicuous little things that often make the difference in the processing of the components.

If a product is really innovative, though, and could be considerably improved by modifying a few details, we will try to give it a form that meets our demands. This has turned us increasingly from traders into makers.

This philosophy and our permanent quality assurance have helped us throughout many years to maintain a consistently high product quality. Product quality and our customers' satisfaction are our top priorities.

Since April 2015, the company Beurskens by TÜV Rheinland has been to ISO 9001 and DIN EN 1090 certified. With these certificates, you our customer, can prove you have purchased from a certified supplier. In the download area you can find the certificates for your documents.

We want our customers to safely rely on the good ratio between quality and price of our parts. Our demand is not to be the cheapest supplier but to be the most reliable one on the market, providing the best possible quality!