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About us

The Beurskens company was founded on 1 January 1999 in Straelen on the Lower Rhine by the owner, Gerardus Beurskens, who had then more than 19 years of professional experience in making and selling special stainless steel or steel structure parts to the metal industry.

Trade and distribution of punched or turned parts for craftsmen in steel and metal construction was his main focus. Immediate availability and the high demand for high-quality products have been very important even then.

In spite of the originally small supply of select components, the company was able to establish quickly on the market. The stock was steadily extended due to the positive feedback and the rising number of customers from the metal industry and as well from glass and timber-frame construction.

The stacking ground was already exhausted after a short time, moving became imminent, hence, already after 4 years. The advancement of the company was supported by a new building and additional resources for extending into the industrial area.

While the stock was extended it has been found that many standard products traded on the market did not match our high-level demand for quality any longer. Solving these problems required to modify technical details of the respective products.

This triggered the idea to develop completely new products and innovative designs that facilitate many customers' daily business in assembly and usability. By this additional change we have extended our original business model of trade and distribution to include the design and development of new products.

We have ventured even to develop completely new and complicated safety components like glass clamps for fall-proof indoor and outdoor glazings. We have received the General Licensing by the Building Supervision (ABZ) from the GERMAN INSTITUTE OF CIVIL ENGINEERING (DIBT) in Berlin for these clamp systems on 30 October 2012.

Frequent exchanges of views with our customers and the focus on essential aspects help us to maintain our advantage of being one step ahead with our products, all the time!

Our motivated staff, modern office equipment, short ways and a big stock enable the best possible service any time.

We will continue to face the challenges of our customers and the rising demands of the market to remain a competent partner for certified contractors in metal, glass and timber-frame construction.

The quality of our products and our customer's satisfaction are always our top priority!
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